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New Tires, Recaps, & Used Tires

Roadrunner Group has 35 years of business experience in the tire business with presence in Mexico and Texas. We believe that our quality and service have allowed us to form long-term partnerships with our clients. We have two retread plants located in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas and Monterrey, Nuevo Leon and a tire dealership in Houston, TX. We look forward to serving customers in all our locations!

Our mission is to provide our clients with the lowest cost per mile through providing guaranteed quality tires and prompt service.

Services- Tires & Tire Management

We offer our clients a complete tire management strategy with the absolute lowest cost per mile.

We offer retreading service for our clients. We can schedule ongoing visits where we inspect your casings and select those that meet the criteria for retreading and we also offer casing + tread to meet all of our customers’ needs. All our tires have a warranty.

We also offer a proprietary tire management software- GETS Galgo Electronic Tire System to select clients.

This software allows fleet managers to track tires, measure performance, and optimize expenses.
Ask us about GETS for more information!

Environmental Sustainability

We are an environmentally conscious company and we are proud to partner with our clients to contribute to safeguarding our environment. Some of our actions include:

Retreading: reduces the volume of scrap tires that end up in landfills and reduces the amount of raw materials needed to make a new tire (approx. 22 gallons of oil for new tire, vs 7 gallons of oil for a new tread for retreading application).

Rubber dust recycling: which is a byproduct of the retreading process. We collect the rubber buffing/dust and introduce it to markets where it is used for rubberized asphalt and other applications.

Scrap tire disposal: for the casings that do not pass our rigorous inspections, we look for environmentally friendly ways to dispose such as providing a fuel source to cement kilns or other regulatory compliant options.


We have a great inventory of quality used tires imported from Japan at great prices!